6. Juli 2015#

Acci Baba “Aeon” Exhibition

Quick interview with concept artist Acci Baba.

26. März 2015#

Schleudergang rides Augsburg

A short video of the “Schleudergang” cycling collective visiting the Augsburg velodrome.

18. März 2015#

studio view

12. Januar 2015#


We updated our page with some nice images from Iceland.
Shot by Christoph Ulsamer in 2014.

View project.

17. Dezember 2014#

Winter with Chris Pfanner.

A typical winter night with Chris Pfanner in his hometown of Nuremberg.

View project.

10. Dezember 2014#

Profinet Tagung

Our team covered the Siemens Profinet Promoter Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.

Siemens, Profinet, koeppel, ulsamer, koeppel.ulsamer, christoph ulsamer, filmproduktion, industrie, film, fotografie, imagefilm, referenzfilm, fotostudio,

27. November 2014#

LD Promotorentagung

4. November 2014#

Logo 8 Truck

1. Oktober 2014#

SIEMENS Baumpflanzung

19. September 2014#

adoudou Hilfsprojekt

13. August 2014#

Top+ Award

1. August 2014#


24. Juni 2014#


20. Mai 2014#

LookBook “NVRMRE”

Planned and executed a look book shoot for NVRMRE clothing. Great location, great people!

View project.

9. Mai 2014#


27. März 2014#

Publicis Pro film-production for Zeiss Meditec

Went on a nice shoot for Zeiss Meditec via Publicis Pro.

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25. März 2014#


Studio production for Code Canary.

10. März 2014#

PLM effeciency@LD

29. Dezember 2013#

MusikVideo und Foto-Production mit CODE CANARY



28. Dezember 2013#

SIEMENS “SIPLUS extreme – Imagefilm”

18. Dezember 2013#

ERGO 30 Jahre

30. November 2013#

bei VW Nutzfahrzeuge in Hannover

25. November 2013#

2hoch11 in da house (Portraits)

7. August 2013#

Aerial Production “SIEMENS e-Car” with Publicis Pro

17. Juli 2013#

Conrad Electronics “90 Sekunden Technik-Run”

16. Juli 2013#

Horsch Maschinen GmbH Aerial Production

22. Mai 2013#

Provadis , ein Tag der offenen Tür

22. Mai 2013#

EE Truck, Parma

7. Mai 2013#

Sieben Fashion Lounge meets Dankbar, Schindlerhof

2. Mai 2013#

HUF Footwear welcomes Stephan Pöhlmann

Christoph Ulsamer shot this introduction of Stephan Pöhlmann for his new footwear sponsor HUF.
We hit 11k views within only 24 hours.

HUF GERMANY I Introducing Stephan Pöhlmann from MOSAIC on Vimeo.

17. April 2013#

Laden12 · Looks · 2013

26. März 2013#

Workshop at Netzaberg Middle School Video Production Class

1. Februar 2013#

Questions, questions and more questions…

23. Januar 2013#

in Lisboa (SIEMENS EE) …

14. Januar 2013#

SIEMENS EE Truck, Lissabon

19. Dezember 2012#

3M Switzerland shooting

3M campaign shoot at our Studio in Nuremberg.

View project.

koeppel ulsamer fotografie film industriefilm industriefotograf industriefotografie 3m switzerland nürnberg studio produktion agentur

24. November 2012#

Bavarian Lumbermen – Aerial Test

A quick aerial camera test on a foggy day in Frankonia.

10. September 2012#

3 days in Eboli

Bella Italia. Once again we were able to travel to the very south of Italy.

View project.

siemens photovoltaics industry film film production renewable energy koeppel ulsamer christoph stefan koeppel.ulsamer film fotografie photography nürnberg agentur werbung industrie

After a 15 hour drive we arrived in the beautiful town of Eboli, near Naples and the Vesuv volcano.
Our destination was a newly erected large-scale rooftop photovoltaic plant. The mission was to
complete a documentary-style corporate film which should showcase all aspects of the plant.
Therefor we held interviews with the owner of the facility, as well as the project manager and representatives
of Siemens E X Italy. A spevcial thanks to our assistant and translator Thomas Bönig who helped us enormously
during the interviews and overall planing.

We wrapped the production in less than 2 days and returned home with some nice impressions of southern Italy.
On the way home, right before the Alps, we hit a major traffic jam which gave us the
opportunity to enjoy the italian sun for a few more hours.

15. April 2012#

Heading for the French Antilles

This was by far the most exotic location we were sent to so far.
Our destination for this assignment was Guadeloupe and Martinique.

production siemens french antilles guadeloupe martinique siemens photovoltaic pv aerial photography fotografie film koeppel ulsamer koeppel.ulsamer gbr agentur nürnberg industrie werbung

Two caribbean islands belonging to France and therefor being a part of the European Union.
Known for their wonderful beaches, the nice climate and alot of sun….

It only seems natural that these are the perfect locations for photovoltaic power plants.
We were asked to collect photo & film material from nine different sites, spread all over these two islands.
Thanks to the compact size of our aerial rig we were able to bring our own “helicopter” to each plant.

30. November 2011#

5 days in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Our destination for this job was Thunder Bay, Ontario. Stefan Koeppel (aerials & photography) and
Christoph Ulsamer (DOP) left for the cold north in late November for a 5 day production.
The topic was once again a photovoltaic power plant, built by Siemens. Thanks to our expertise from
earlier projects we were trusted with this assignment to deliver a satisfying film once again.

film siemens client photovoltaic thunder bay renewable energy industry koeppel ulsamer christoph stefan film film production filmproduktion fotografie photography nürnberg werbung agentur

During our 5 day production in Thunder Bay, our goal was to document the close-to-be finished photovoltaic plants,
erected by our client Siemens E X PV. In addition to the film,
we were glad to produce another instructional film, showcasing all parts of this plant.
For this, Torsten Keller (Siemens project manager) showed us around and explained all
technical aspects. On the first day upon our arrival we were joined by our canadian
production assistant and great support Spencer Clayton from Vancouver.

This made it easy for us to work with the locals and feel as canadian as a maple leave.
In order to include all aspect of this project we interviewed official representives (Keith Hobbs, Mayor of Thunder Bay),
local business representives (Scott McFadden, CEO Thunder Bay Airport) aswell as Siemens employees
responsible for the realisation of this photovoltaic plant.

It was a great pleasure for us, shooting these interviews at some very rare locations, such as the
Mayors office and the flight control tower of Thunder Bay Airport.

30. September 2011#

A week on italian roads

Siemens photovoltaic pv filmproduction filmproduktion film fotografie photography industry koeppel ulsamer christoph stefan agentur werbung nürnberg aerial falcon 8

5 locations, 6 days, 3700km on the road.
This assignment seemed like a lot of driving and planning.
Once again our goal was to collect photo & film material from several photovoltaic plants spread across italy.
Our first location took us in the aera of San Donaci, in which we produced a film and photo story only 2 months earlier.
Getting around Italy is quite easy and we were very happy to come back to this part of the world once again.

31. Juli 2011#

Provadis GmbH Imagefilm

This portrait of the educational possibilities at the Provadis Campus in Frankfurt, Germany was shot in one day.
Thanks to our client we had a solid cast of 20 people helping us out all day to get the shots we needed.
Our brilliant director Lars Tae-Zun Kempel managed to keep the people entertained till the very end.

provadis gmbh imagefilm dreh produktion koeppel ulsamer christoph stefan fotografie film filmproduktion lars kempel tae-zun imagefilm werbung frankfurt nürnberg

15. Juli 2011#

San Donaci, Apulia Production

siemens pv photovoltaic san donaci koeppel ulsamer christoph stefan fotografie film industrie werbung

In San Donaci, Italy our client has built it’s till-then largest photovoltaic plant.
Our goal was to cover the story of this very plant and document all technical aspects in film and photography.
Thanks to our flying camera we were able to collect aerial footage of the project, even though we were facing winds
of up to 40km/h and 35° Celsius…

9. April 2011#

Production in Czech Republic


A fun drive to the Czech Republic, searching for the photovoltaic plant we were supposed to film and photograph.
Located near Dobre Pole, not too far from the Austrian border we finally found the plant.
Within a two day production we captured all parts of the plant, important to our client.

Not only did we film and photograph the plant, we also gathered aerial footage and several interviews explaining
the technical aspects of the facility. In addition to a three minute documentary, we produced a 20 minute long
instructional film for internal use to train young engineers.

5. März 2011#

Flender Gears – Malaysia and Borneo


Our team has spent over 10 days and several hundred kilometers on this photo assignment. Over bumpy
dirt roads and through a humid jungle landscape we went to visit numerous reference projects to document.

See more images here:
Flender Gears “Malaysia” for Siemens AG