10. Dezember 2014#

Profinet Tagung

Our team covered the Siemens Profinet Promoter Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany.

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27. März 2014#

Publicis Pro film-production for Zeiss Meditec

Went on a nice shoot for Zeiss Meditec via Publicis Pro.

View project.


25. März 2014#


Studio production for Code Canary.

19. Dezember 2012#

3M Switzerland shooting

3M campaign shoot at our Studio in Nuremberg.

View project.

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24. November 2012#

Bavarian Lumbermen – Aerial Test

A quick aerial camera test on a foggy day in Frankonia.

15. April 2012#

Heading for the French Antilles

This was by far the most exotic location we were sent to so far.
Our destination for this assignment was Guadeloupe and Martinique.

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Two caribbean islands belonging to France and therefor being a part of the European Union.
Known for their wonderful beaches, the nice climate and alot of sun….

It only seems natural that these are the perfect locations for photovoltaic power plants.
We were asked to collect photo & film material from nine different sites, spread all over these two islands.
Thanks to the compact size of our aerial rig we were able to bring our own “helicopter” to each plant.

9. April 2011#

Production in Czech Republic


A fun drive to the Czech Republic, searching for the photovoltaic plant we were supposed to film and photograph.
Located near Dobre Pole, not too far from the Austrian border we finally found the plant.
Within a two day production we captured all parts of the plant, important to our client.

Not only did we film and photograph the plant, we also gathered aerial footage and several interviews explaining
the technical aspects of the facility. In addition to a three minute documentary, we produced a 20 minute long
instructional film for internal use to train young engineers.

5. März 2011#

Flender Gears – Malaysia and Borneo


Our team has spent over 10 days and several hundred kilometers on this photo assignment. Over bumpy
dirt roads and through a humid jungle landscape we went to visit numerous reference projects to document.

See more images here:
Flender Gears “Malaysia” for Siemens AG